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Swapnil is the founder of Black Pearl Ink – Tattoo & Art Studio. He started his tattooing journey some 12 years back. He was always into fine arts and had the animation diploma but when he personally witnessed a tattoo artist performing body art with deft hands, he decided to learn the tricks of the trade. He was initiated in the tattoo art by a renowned Australian artist and since then he has made over two thousand artworks and trained many students.

Swapnil believes in giving his 100% to every tattoo he makes. According to him, tattoo is not just a makeup but a memory that lasts. He emphasizes on understanding what the client wishes to express and then making sure that it’s achieved with artistic perfection.
After doing freelancing for few years, eventually he founded his own tattoo studio and is proudly running it since 2013.



Everyone is busy claiming to be the
best in business.
We are in it for the
love of art!

Our Philosophy


The tattoo industry is growing and is getting heavily commercialized. You should not wonder if most of the tattoo websites you check or Instagram you browse, you’ll find them claiming to be the ‘Best artist in India’ or ‘Best tattoo studio in Mumbai’, etc.

We have always separated ourselves from this race as we believe there can be the best in business but there is no ‘Best’ in art.
Black Pearl Tattoo studio specializes in Maori tattoos, Realistic tattoos and Concept tattoos – among all other tattoo genres. Whether it’s a basic name tattoo or some intricate design, a finger tattoo or full-back, every tattoo is made here with the intention that it oozes beauty.