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Owl tattoos have duel symbolic value of darkness as well as wisdom. There is a variety of ways in which owl tattoos can be made, based on the perspective that you want to reflect. It ranges from a cute cartoon owl to realistic or geometric owl as a symbol of knowledge, all the away to the evil owl.

Regardless of the exact meaning, owl tattoos are perfect for someone who like to maintain the mysterious air around them. Here are some of the owl tattoos we have made using the creative freedom given by our clients.

1. Gothic Half Sleeve with Owl and Jesus Riding Horse

This is a very special tattoo in which we have covered the complete biceps sleeve including the inner arm. This tattoo comprises many concepts and elements like an evil owl, male angel, cross, Jesus riding a horse along with an angel to fight with the satanic owl. It’s a Gothic theme tattoo which took two sessions to complete, spaced by 15 days. Each sitting lasted for about 10 hours!

In tattoo art when we have not drawn the pupils of an owl, it is considered as an evil owl. Here the evil owl is holding a cross in his beak and the male angel is shown along with a lion defending the cross. The inner arm tattoo portrays Jesus Christ riding a horse accompanied by another male angel and they are shown as if they have come to help the first angel in defending the cross. The concept shows that we intend to overcome the negativity with positive energy of God. We have used references from Google in making this tattoo. It’s a black and grey coloured and shaded tattoo and we have made our own creative additions to it.

2. Owl Tattoo with Clock

Owl has to be one of the most popular birds in tattoos. Men and women both like to get this tattoo done. Owl is given a great significance in Hindu, Egyptian, Celtic, Roman and Greek mythologies. It’s generally associated with a bunch of interesting meanings like intelligence, vision, wisdom, wealth etc. as well as duties like protector, guardian of the underworld, keeper of spirits etc.

This is black and grey owl tattoo with shades of orange in its eyes. It took about 4 hours and turned out well.

3. Owl Tattoo on Dorsum of Hand

This tattoo is made on the back of the palm. Dorsum of hand is a fairly difficult area to make a tattoo as it hardly has any flesh and can be veiny in some cases. Secondly as the flesh and muscles are less here, the tattoo ink doesn’t hold on for long and easily fades away in a couple of months.

As a professional tattoo studio we advise our clients about all possibilities. Still in this case, the client insisted to get this done so we said let’s do it! We have used black and grey colours and shades and we managed to give him a nice tattoo to show for.