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Black Pearl Tattoo studio specializes in Scar cover up tattoos. We have probably done tens if not hundreds of tattoos over scars of various kinds like surgery scars, burn scars and even cut wounds.

We have handpicked some solid examples to show here. If you are searching for tattoo artist specializing in scar cover up, look no further.

1. Coverup of Dark and Bold Scars

We take pride in our cover-up tattoos on scars. It feels really good to make these as it gives clients a confidence boost. This was done for a client who visited us from Dubai. She had an old wound with deep scars on her forearm and she wanted to cover these up. We suggested some beautiful ideas to her and finally chose this coloured design with a realistic rose.

The rose is a symbol of beauty and love and the branches depict the various phases in our life. Our concept here is that sometimes in life we come across difficult situations, difficult incidents and we must move on, so why not do it beautifully and gracefully. It took us around 7-8 hours to complete this tattoo. Tattooing on a scar might create extra pain but this one was a forearm tattoo and it’s the least painful one.

2. Extreme Scars Coverup with Mermaid Tattoo

This is a scar cover up tattoo. The client had extreme scar marks on her forearm and wanted a tattoo which only partially covers them. We also supported this idea that scars are a part of life and the real inspiration to move ahead. This beautiful mermaid tattoo here represents a thriving aquatic soul with a strong feminine figure and is free, independent and self-driven.

As we do not intend to cover up the scars completely, we have left some patches blank over the scar areas. We have used black and grey colours and shadings in this beautiful tattoo with a little message on the wrist saying, “life is beautiful”. This is a positive and happy vibe tattoo and the message is adequately conveyed through this beautiful design.

3. Scar Coverup near Navel with Beautiful Flowers

This is a coloured cover up tattoo done near the navel. The client had a surgery scar near her navel and wanted to cover it up. This was her first tattoo and she was very frightened about the pain of getting a tattoo inked. We tried our best to boost her confidence. We ensured her to put her trust in us and succeeded in making her sit through it.

We have used red, maroon and shades of black in this tattoo and it took around 4 hours to complete this. Our primary aim was to cover up the major scars. This flower tattoo represents beauty and will motivate and help the client to happily move ahead in her life. The client finally realized that it wasn’t that painful after all and fell in love with her tattoo.

4. Scar Coverup with Baby Tattoo

This is a scar cover up with a name and baby tattoo. The client had many scars on her arm and being a new mom now, wanted to cover these scars. The client’s first choice was to make her name, additionally we suggested a cute little baby to add to it. Name tattoos are one of the oldest tattoos that ever existed and people love to ink their own name or the names of their loved ones.

If you noticed the name is made out of branches, leaves and flowers to it along with a baby boy with wings and a halo. This tattoo was made in just one sitting and took around 3 hours. We have used black and grey shades and the output was really great. The client was extremely happy and most of her scars got covered up with this cute tattoo.