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Trishul tattoo is cool choice for girls and boys both. In fact we have more female clients with trishul and Om tattoos.

They look equally good in a simple design or a combined concept with elements like mantra or rudraksha. Below are some of our interesting Shiva trishul designs with their explanation.

1. Shiv Shambho and Trishul Tattoo on Triceps

This is a Lord Shiva tattoo and Shiva is often called as Shambho which means pure or eternal. Shiva tattoos are very popular tattoos in India. We customized this tattoo for our client that has the name Shambho inscribed in Devanagari font with black ink along with Shiva’s trident and third eye with Bhasma or Vibhuti (ash).

We have inked this tattoo on the back side of the client’s triceps. It comes under the Script tattoo category. We have used black and grey colour and shades and it took around 2-3 hours to complete the tattooing process. Overall it turned out nice and as you can see, the sharp trident adds a charm to this tattoo. The client was happy with the work.

2. Lord Shiva holding Trishul

Trident or Trishul is one of the most popular tattoos in India. The client is a devotee of lord Shiva and wanted a tattoo that makes him feel lord Shiva’s powerful presence all the time. We finalized on an image with Shiva’s hand holding the Trishul and Damru (pellet drum). This is one of our oldest works.

We chose a very realistic looking hand to give it that sensational look. We have done very fine detailing on each part of this tattoo and beneath the tattoo we have inscribed the very famous Mahamrityunjaya mantra in an artistic way. It took us around 11-12 hours to complete it. The client liked it a lot and we were happy that it turned out really well.

3. Concept Tattoo with Trishul and Mountains

This one is an interesting Concept Tattoo and it represents a lot of elements. The client wanted to have elements of Shiva, nature, as well as something related to his family. The client and our artist discussed the concept and it took around 4 hours to create & insert all the ideas together into a single design. We have added a Trishul (trident) here along with mountains and to represent his family, we actually got a contour of his Dad’s fingerprints and wrote ‘dad’ beneath it!

The tattoo itself took just 1.5 hours to get inked. This style of tattooing is called dot work and with geometric effects. As visible, it’s a beautiful tattoo and the customer was delighted with the outcome.

4. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra with Trishul

This is a tattoo of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra which is known to be one of the most auspicious mantras in Hindu Vedic Scriptures. It is considered to be beneficial for mental, emotional and physical health and it bestows longevity.

We have added a Trishul, Third eye of the Shiva and Damru (pellet drum) above the mantra. Trishul is Shiva’s weapon of destroying evil and is a harbinger of peace. The Damru represents the Naada (sound of the universe). We engraved it on the client’s forearm and it took us around 3 hours to complete. We have used black and grey Shades in this unique tattoo.