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It’s a fact that tattoo artists love to do feathers. They are challenging and they look amazing if done right, especially the Peacock feathers.

They are particularly feminine tattoos. Unique feather designs usually get inked on wrist and forearms while small feathers can be inked anywhere, sometimes with names too.

1. Ultra-realistic Peacock Feather

This is an ultra-realistic peacock feather tattoo which we did specially for a client who visited Black Pearl Ink, Tattoo Studio from abroad. The client wanted a realistic feather tattoo along with her husband’s name so we came up with this beautiful concept.

Peacock is the national bird of India and peacock feathers are the prettiest among all birds. The bold and intense colours of peacock feathers have inspired artists since ancient eras. These beautiful feathers symbolizes creativity, wisdom, protection from evil, pride, the all seeing eye, spirituality and rebirth. It’s a coloured tattoo and we have used a lot of colours like blue, violet, orange, yellow, green and black colours and shades. This was done in just one session and it took us around 4 hours to ink it. The output is a real charming and amazing tattoo and the client loved it.

2. Peacock Feather and Flute Tattoo

This tattoo was done for one of our clients who is a devotee of lord Krishna. It is believed that Krishna is very fond of peacock feathers and he loved to play his flute. The client wanted a tattoo with these two elements of lord Krishna. We combined them in this 3D realistic tattoo and inked it on his forearm.

Feather tattoos surely have a different charm to them and they look more lively in person than in pictures. This is a fully coloured tattoo and we have used green, orange, yellow, blue, sky blue, brown, red, black and grey colours and shades in this. We have inscribed the name of goddess Radha, beloved of lord Krishna as a chant or in a greeting form besides the flute. It took us around 6 hours to create this tattoo and the outcome was great.