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What is permanent makeup?


Permanent makeup is when a tattooing method is used to produce effects that resemble makeup, such as eyebrow work, lip enhancement, color correction on a patch of skin, and so on.

At Black Pearl Tattoo Studio, we provide our clients with eyebrow correction and scalp micropigmentation.

Microblading- Eyebrow Correction


By definition, any process that involves placing color pigments into the skin with any device is a tattoo process. Microblading or permanent eyebrow makeup is just a different name given to an advanced tattooing technique used to create hair-like strokes with super fine needles. It requires a lot of practice and experience.

This is suitable for anyone who wants a natural eyebrow look that lasts. There are many different types of needles that are used to achieve different effects. Someone might just want to lightly fill out the eyebrows they already have (microfeathering) or someone might want eyebrows that look thick and filled in (microshading).

The process starts with cleaning and trimming the eyebrow area to match the required shape. Artist will then numb the area before starting the actual inking with careful strokes that feel like little paper-cuts.

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    Scalp micropigmentation- Hairline Tattoo


    This procedure is commonly known as SMP, hair tattoo, hairline tattoo, hair pigmentation, etc. It is often confused with microblading described above but it’s a completely different procedure.

    SMP involves creating small, layered dots in different shades of black to replicate the look of freshly cut hair on your scalp. SMP uses pointillism or a dotting technique in tattoos. These pigments expand differently in the skin than a regular tattoo.

    People spend a lot of money and do extreme things to treat hair loss. Luckily, Scalp micropigmentation is comparatively easy. You’ll be able to sport a new look just after a couple of sittings.