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Wolf tattoos have traditional background. They are generally associated with courage as well as pack loyalty. Also the lone wolf tattoo particularly represents the inner spirit.

Wolf tattoos can be made in variety of styles like tribal, geometric, realistic or abstract. Believe us when we say, they all look fascinating. See for yourself!

1. Abstract Wolf Design with Geometric Pattern

This is an abstract design tattoo on forearm. Abstract doesn’t just limit to having creative lines and strokes but these tattoos often hide more than they show! They are very interesting concepts that represent spiritual and inner world rather than relating to the material world.

This tattoo is made on one of our regular clients. He has always had tattoos with deep meaning to them. He wanted a design to compliment the old tattoo on wrist that said ‘Stay Strong’. We initially wanted to go with just the wolf but client insisted on merging the wolf with human element, hence we conjoined it with a lady face. In second sitting, we also threw in some geothermic patterns to balance the whole look. Our client was very pleased. Hope you liked it too.

2. Realistic Wolf with Forest Concept

This is a realistic wolf tattoo with a forest theme. The client is a nature lover and wanted a tattoo of a wild animal combined with other possible elements. We designed this tailor-made concept for him including an alpha wolf with deep eyes staring right at you.

Wolf is a strong, swift and a smart beast and the alpha is the one who always leads and protects his pack. The client took it as a motivation and agreed to do this on his forearm. We have also added a silhouette of howling wolves with a big moon in the background. Some stories suggest that lunar cycles have deep effects on wolves and their characteristics. This tattoo was made in one night alone and it took around 10-12 hours to finish with plenty of small intervals. We have used black and grey colours and shades. The end result was awesome and the client was delighted with his amazing tattoo.

3. Geometric and Realistic Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos are not just picturesque to look at but they also have several symbolic meanings. Wolves are magnificent beasts and they have a lot of mysteries and stories associated with them. Wolves often have a distinct dual nature, they can be independent yet faithful and can be calm yet aggressive. Their nature is very well depicted in this design. This is a unique tattoo with a combination of geometric and realistic style inked on the biceps of the client. The client himself came up with a reference image for this.

In Geometric tattoos, as a thumb rule all the lines are meant to be extremely straight and of the same thickness, but in this tattoo some lines are thin at places and some are thick as the client wanted it to be exactly like his reference image. In the realistic part we have used a lot of dot work and shades. The result surpassed the expectations of our client and he praised us a lot.